Why Should I Have a Professional Soft Wash My Roof?

Here at Plethora Pressure Wash, we like to talk a little dirty. After all, a dirty job for us makes a great before and after (is #humblebrag still a thing?).😂

But there’s something dirty we don’t think is talked about enough… and that’s roofs.

Most asphalt roofs in West Michigan last 16-20 years. To replace an asphalt shingle roof costs an average of about $8,000. But algae, mold, moss, lichen and other organisms growing on a roof can speed up the need for replacement, forcing you to dig deep into your pockets sooner than average. 
Why? It comes down to science. Asphalt shingles contain a lot of limestone. Algae feasts on limestone. So where there’s one, the others easily follow. These growths munch on the base of shingles, eating away at them, loosening granules and making shingles less pliable. From there, real damage can ensue, leading to the need for a new roof earlier than average.

Pair this with the fact that your roof accounts for approximately 40% of your overall curb appeal, and you can start to understand why it’s important to get moss, lichen, and their cousins off of your roof.

The good news is that soft washing, which is a gentler form of pressure washing, is an easy way to do this. And while we’re never ones to shy away from a DIY, we recommend you leave soft washing to us — the professionals. 

Why Pay Plethora to Soft Wash Your Roof?

It comes down to two main reasons: safety and doing the job right.

Slippery surfaces on high: Roofs are on a pitch, making them dangerous to navigate in the best of conditions. Add water, which creates a slick surface, and the danger of a fall with serious injuries drastically increases. Avoid the risk of a big ouchie (and correlating hospital bill), and leave soft washing a roof to us pros at Plethora. Call us at 231-335-3378 to schedule your roof soft wash today.

Avoid damaging your roof: It’s easy to use too much pressure on a roof, leading to water getting under your shingles and other places you don’t want it. We know the right way to soft wash your roof to clean your shingles without causing damage.

Get it super clean: Water and pressure aren’t enough to truly kill the crud. To get rid of living organisms, we use an eco-friendly solution that’s effective yet gentle on your landscaping and other surfaces. Let us do the dirty work so you don’t have to  — call us at 231-335-3378.

At the end of the day, we want to help extend the life of your roof, and keep it looking good, so you can feel great about your home. To schedule a soft wash for your roof, give us a call!



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