Why July is the Perfect Time to Wash Your Roof

Barbecues. Fireworks. And hanging on your porch or deck!

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Ah, yes! July is a summer dream in Michigan. We wait for what seems like decades to enjoy the warm weather, and usually, July delivers! The days are often dry and sunny, and many folks enjoy spending as much time as they can in their own yard.

But beyond summertime relaxation, we know your home’s exterior health is VERY important to you. That’s why we wanted to share why July is the perfect time to wash your roof with our soft wash method!

  • Kill Organic Growth on Your Roof We’re coming out of a rainy season, and if you see or smell a little earthy aroma wafting from your roof, trouble is brewing. Algae, lichen, moss, and mold will destroy your roof’s health, and anyone who has experienced that also knows that it’s pretty smelly, too!
  • Let the Soft Wash Method Do Its Magic Because our soft wash method uses safe and effective professional-grade chemicals to gently clean and rid your roof of organic matter, it needs a few days to complete its work. That actually happens after Plethora provides you with roof washing services; the treatment remains on your roof as it processes, taking care of any green stuff in its path. Then, it dries completely and is washed away by the rain and sun. The residue is not harmful to your surrounding areas, and your roof’s clean surfaces are restored. You’d be amazed at the transformation that can take place!
  • Enjoy that summer yard while you can! With your snazzy, freshly-cleaned roof, all your neighbors will be jealous of how tidy your house looks AND smells, and a healthy and clean roof is a true winner for any home that you might be considering selling. We’re all about boosting your curb appeal and home value!

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