Who’s the culprit? (Introducing our new service!)

Chances are, if you have pets or kids, keeping your carpets clean may be a battle that you begrudgingly participate in. And, no matter how much force you use, it seems the dark side always wins.

Footprints. Grease. Spilled juice. Pet accidents.

Over time it doesn’t just look bad–let’s face it, it smells bad, too. Luckily, for you, your favorite exterior home cleaners (Plethora Pressure Washing!) have moved into interior cleaning with our new added service–CARPET CLEANING! 

Would you like to have clean, fresh-smelling carpets this spring? Lucky for you to have opened this blog because in order to receive $15 off your service, all you need to do is mention this blog when you call or email! If you’d prefer to hear about our prices over the phone, please call us at 231-335-3378, and don’t forget to mention the discount, available only until June 1st, 2023 !

Wishing you the cleanest carpets this side of the galaxy,

Plethora Pressure Washing

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