What Makes Plethora Different?

We know that you’re an educated consumer.

You take your time to read reviews, research services, and listen to referrals from trusted friends and family. So, we know that you’ll appreciate this interview with our owner, Carlos Sain, and his thoughts on what makes Plethora Pressure Washing unique, and your best choice for any exterior home cleaning services!

What is most important of doing business for you personally?

“I take so much pride into everything that I do– from the moment we meet, our company’s presentation, our uniforms, our character, knowledge about the job, proper equipment necessary to get the job done professionally and efficiently, spacial awareness and consideration to customers property ect. All these things revert back to our name. We try to leave a lasting impression with every single customer.”

Can’t I just rent a power washer and hook it up to my hose myself?

“We are not just power washers, spraying water. We have taken our knowledge and studies even further learning the soft wash technique, so that we can make sure our procedures don’t damage the exterior of our client’s homes. We took a course in Florida at the Soft Wash Systems Academy, and there, we learned many different cleaning techniques, from the use of chemicals to the surfaces/materials that they can be used on. We learned proper handling of chemicals and how to neutralize them. Plant and property protection. Safety and PPE. OSHA and EPA regulations and so much more!”

Beyond great service and skills, what else sets Plethora apart from other power washers?

“Hands down–we are educated. All of the knowledge we have obtained in this trade? We share all of this information with each customer before doing the job to give the customer the most comfortable experience. We literally spend more time educating our customers and bringing awareness to them (especially with the roof cleaning) than actually cleaning sometimes. Because we care about the condition of their home and their safety and happiness–long after our job is done.”

Thanks again, Carlos!

For taking the time to let us know what makes Plethora Pressure Washing your number one choice!

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