The Soft Wash Method for Your Roof

We like salad on our plate–not our roof! 😉 But, will power washing damage one of the most important aspects of your home’s interior? The answer is no! Read on to find out why.

But first...

An amazing before and after pic from a recent roof job at Plethora Pressure Washing…WHOAH.

Do you have mold on your roof?

Well, that’s certainly bad news. Microorganisms like mold and algae are eating your roof for lunch. In fact, they can decrease the life of your roof by up to half of the normal expectation! And, if you have any warranties on your shingles, those little bad guys will prevent other repairs from being covered in your policy–AKA, they will need to be removed first. 

Of course, we already know a mossy roof LOOKS bad, right?

And a new one could cost you thousands of dollars! But how about keeping that roof you already have in great condition? Not only does it increase the value of your home and the visual appeal exponentially, it also will decrease your heating and cooling costs, and allow the upper regions of your home (such as your attic) to have proper airflow and ventilation. Bonus: your house won’t smell like a swamp anymore!

So, let's talk about the soft wash method!

Why is it called soft washing? 

Well, it’s gentle! We start by spraying your roof with our eco-friendly solutions that work to soften all of that yucky stuff–grime, bacteria, moss, and organic growth. Next, we let mother nature do her thing!  A little heat dries out the solution, making it brittle. Then, the rain washes it away–along with the bad guys. 

Then, voila! Your snazzy, clean-looking roof is revealed. It looks good, and your roof’s health and structure is improved because its integrity is strengthened through being clean and free of growth. Your shingles can now breathe!

How come I can't just do it myself?

We know you like to keep your home in great shape! But there are some tasks you should leave to us…and here’s why: 

  • Extension ladders are dangerous! And so is a wet roof. But, that’s our area of expertise! So leave the climbing ladders and dangerous heights to us!
  • You can permanently damage your roof and the exterior of your home with a regular power wash. Soft-washing prevents this mistake but uses commercial-grade, eco-friendly chemicals that we are trained to work with, making sure that your bacteria is taken care of, without risking anyone’s well-being, or the surrounding foilage or landscape of your home.
  • In and out, lickety split. We know your time is valuable! Let us take care of this dirty job for you, while you safely enjoy time with your family, get some indoor tasks done, or relax!

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