Professional Pressure Washing: Your Fall Maintenance Hack

It’s officially autumn. How are you coming on tackling your fall maintenance? Haven’t started? Maybe checked one thing off the never-ending To-Do List? Yeah, that’s what we thought. The good news is we can tackle a lot of the seasonal dirty work for you, specifically cleaning your gutters, roof, and siding. Note that carving pumpkins was not mentioned… we’ll leave that, and the pumpkin seeds, to you.


Get Your Gutters Professionally Pressure Washed

 Ideally, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year, the spring and fall. There’s a reason for this timing: it gets the gunk out before West Michigan is hit with our wettest months (we’re looking at you lake effect snow). Cleaning your gutters before winter is especially important to prevent ice dams and other major issues.


Safely Clean Your Roof

Mold, algae, moss, and other fungi love to make a home on top of your home. From there, these spores can potentially make their way into your home, which is not good for your health, among other things. We use a technique known as soft-wash (no high pressure!) to gently rid your roof of these unwanted guests without damaging your shingles.


Get Your Siding Super Clean

Did you know that your siding should be cleaned every two years, and even more frequently if it’s in a shaded or tree/brush-covered area? Can you even remember the last time your siding was clean? We didn’t think so. And if you think you can go a few more years without cleaning your siding, here’s why you shouldn’t: pressure washing prevents the build-up of dust, dirt, pollens, sap, and more. And for certain materials, especially stucco, it helps prevent staining. All-in-all, cleaning your siding can help it last longer.


Ready to check off your fall maintenance? All you need to do is grab your cell and call us at (231) 335-3378. We’ll tackle the rest.

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