Power Washing Gone Bad

Houses are tough.

After all, they are built to withstand years of the elements–rain, wind, snow and ice, and because we live in Michigan, hail, frost, extreme humidity and super hot days, too, right?! For that reason, people often think that power washing should be a cinch, after all, what could go wrong? However, we can assure you, it’s not a task to take on if you are inexperienced! Let us tell you some of the main reasons why.

You could use too much pressure on accident or power wash something that won’t tolerate it.

Too much PSI can blast holes into delicate wood, or destroy your siding. You can even scar things like concrete and stone, and damage other porous surfaces. Knowing exactly how tough to be without damaging your home’s exterior is the key. Additionally, certain painted surfaces should never be power washed at all! If you do happen to damage your home, those holes and cracks are exactly what invites in moisture and our little (not so appreciated) friend mold! Cue the mold picture from above!

You might not use the proper chemicals or utilize them in the safest way.

Knowing exactly what commercial-grade, effective chemicals to use on your home’s exterior and outdoor areas is an absolute must, and handling them with care is just as imperative. But before you think it might be easier to skip adding chemicals to your power wash altogether, realize that plain water won’t kill mold or cleanse surfaces properly, and going without them is a waste of elbow grease.

You might power wash in the wrong direction, or begin from the wrong point.

At what point of your home do you start power washing to avoid soiling other areas as you go? And how can you avoid muddy overspray everywhere? Sometimes the answer to that question is complicated and requires expertise to gauge. Spoiler–we know all the answers. 😉

Oops! You Forgot to Protect Landscaping Features

Depending on how you are washing and what cleaning chemicals you are using (Plethora always uses cleaners that are safe for you and your family, and handles them with care) you may want to protect your surrounding areas and use cleaning techniques that cause minimal disruption to the area.

At Plethora Pressure Washing, we take pride in leaving your home BETTER in all ways than before our visit, and that includes increasing your knowledge of how to properly care for the exterior of your home, saving you time and money.

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