“Not so Fun”gus: How to Avoid Artillery Spores on Your Home

Who invited the mold to the party? We know it wasn’t you, personally, but it could be the mulch you’ve got in your garden beds! And these pesky little black spores can permanently damage the surface they are on! According to the Unversity of Delaware, “artillery fungus is problematic on north sides of buildings where shade maintains moist conditions” (Gregory, N., 2019.) Though it won’t harm humans or pets, it can sure damage your siding–and, it doesn’t look great.

So, what can you do?

  1. Try cedar and cypress mulch, or rubber/stone if possible. These types of wood are less likely to harbor Artillery Fungus than other hardwoods that rot quickly, like pine. When the spores form in the mulch, they then splatter onto the siding of your home and spread after being carried by the wind or sprayed upwards during rain or watering of the surrounding areas.
  2. Avoid mulch near bright buildings or bright sides of a light-colored home. Artillery mold is actually “attracted [to] light and so actually aims for nearby white or bright surfaces” (Williams, C., 2019).
  3. Power wash early and often. Catch spores when they first spread and they are soft, before they cause permanent damage to your siding or become near impossible to remove. Power washing will still reduce the appearance of the fungus, but catching early can remove them completely and prevent problems.

Bottom line: don’t let these little black dots get the best of you–catch them early, and act quickly! Notice some artillery mold starting on your siding?

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