Is it hot in here? Or is it just your roof?

Welp. July is HOT! 

And you may remember grade school when you learned that white reflects heat and light, and black absorbs it. True!
But what they didn’t tell you in 6th-grade science class was that a clean roof could save you money. And by that, we mean costs in energy efficiency.

  • Black and green algae that covers your roof absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, holding in moisture and preventing the sort of reflection that keeps your house cool. When you reflect the light with Plethora pressure washing, you reduce your energy bill if you’re running air conditioning or make your fans more effective if you’re not.
  • Beyond that prevention of heat retention, getting rid of that moisture entrapment is necessary. Some flexibility and moisture in materials like shingles is good–this is why we use tar and healthy shingles are pliable with granules intact. However, trapped moisture leads to mold and rot, and well…we know what happens when THAT goes down on your roof. Not to mention the sheathing plywood beneath!

The moral of the story?

Power washing is not only an important part of your home’s exterior health and curb appeal, it also may be the missing piece to controlling your energy budget! Let’s get those AC bills under control and extend the life of your roof with one of our most important services–the roof “soft wash!” Not sure what that is? Check out our informative roof soft wash blog here,  and give us a shout when you’re ready to get your roof in tip top shape!


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