How will I know if I have mold on my siding?

In Michigan, our homes are exposed to a LOT of moisture for much of the year.

If you recently traveled somewhere warm for spring break, you might be missing the sunshine (another part of the mold problem for homes in our area.) When rain and elements are combined with a lack of sun and organic materials like wood or even particles of pollen and dirt, they begin to create mold and mildew on the outside of your home. 

The key to preventing mold is regular inspection and cleaning of the exterior of your home. But, just in case you’re not sure if you’re dealing with actual mold and mildew (something that may require more urgent attention) we’ve compiled some info for you!

Things you want to watch out for:

  • Green growth (algae, mold or moss)
  • Clusters of black dots (likely mild)
  • Streaking patterns or clusters of staining which can be mold or mildew

We know that mold and mildew can degenerate the structure of our homes, but it can also negatively impact our health! Mold spores are bad for everyone, and at Plethora, we love to blast those bad green guys right off your home and safely to the ground where they belong. Lucky for our clients, we always leave your home and surrounding areas cleaner than we found them! That’s because we’re professionals and used to controlling our equipment, as well as the safe and effective commercial-grade solutions that we use to make sure your home continues to be protected even after the wash is done. You can read about our soft wash method (tailored for roofs, siding and more) and how we keep your home looking its best.

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