Hit the Deck…with a soft wash!

Sure, cleaning your deck on your own is no big deal!


But what if you forget to do it for…say….two or three years? Whoops.


Now you’ve got slimy grime, mildew, and caked-on dirt and leaf matter that has turned your lovely natural wood into a muddy mess! No matter how you slice it…this is gonna be a dirty job. But, there could be more at stake than some splattered gunk.  Today we’re answering some deck washing questions to help our readers decide if it’s time (and also, how to avoid trouble!)


1. You should be cleaning your deck once a year thoroughly.

If you love getting out there and burning the elbow grease, a deck brush and some soap and water will do! The problem is that without keeping up on this method once or twice a year, there will be settled grime that you just CAN’T get, no matter how many calories you burn. At Plethora, we remove everything from the deck’s surface and get every nook and cranny. There’s no other way to get all the dirt!

2. Power washing has the potential to damage the wood on your deck.

One of the main problems with renting a power washer and setting your sights on the deck is that you could be operating the washer at a much higher PSI than what is recommended for the soft wood on your deck, which can cause splintering, breaking and the surface of your deck’s wood to be compromised. High pressure can also harm composite deck. However, we know exactly how far to take it with our soft wash method, and there’s no need to worry about the pressure we use! It’s just the right amount of pressure, and we get it done in about the time it takes you to sip your first cup of coffee and read the paper!

3. Plethora Pressure Washing is licensed and insured.

Take a deep breath and know we’ve got you covered with our expertise and safety precautions!


When it comes to your home–and your investment–never make the mistake of “risking it” on a power washing professional.


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