Four Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio

In Michigan, we LIVE on our patios in the summer. And we wait all YEAR for this golden time, baby!! But, how can we keep things looking fresh? Here are four great ideas for you!


1.  Add a heat element. Many folks have a firepit along the edge of their yard, which is always fun for bonfires and gatherings. But how can you extend those long evenings on the porch when the nights are still a little cool? Small heaters, portable firepits, and DIY warming pots are all great options. Don’t want an actual fire going on the porch? Try a table loaded with candles or create a beautiful centerpiece with a large bowl filled with sand, decorative non-flammable items, and tealights! Voila!

2. Update old brick with a paint job. Brick can really be freshened up with a coat of paint! Whether you are looking to create a mellow backdrop or excitement with a pop of color, just be sure to give your brick a good cleaning before applying the paint for maximum adherence. We recommend our soft-wash method for all exterior parts of your home!

3. Go Solar! There are an incredible array of solar lights out there to choose from when decorating the outside of your home, but our favorite thing about solar bulbs outside is that they are LOW maintenance! Not only do the bulbs last a long time, but they always come on right when you need them, and they don’t burn out as regular bulbs do. Harness the energy of the sun and feel the freedom of decorating with light–without needing an outlet nearby. 😉

4. Have you considered curtains? If you need a little extra privacy OR just love the drapey, secret garden feeling of them, outdoor curtains can add a lot of personality to your outdoor space, and some much-appreciated solitude.  Drapes can be hung on the edge of a pergola, or the edge of an overhanging roof. Nothing with which to secure your drapes, but still looking to carve out that structure?  With a little lumber, some conduit, and some creativity, you could even enclose your space with a “floating” curtain rod design.

No matter what decor you settle on for this season, you’re going to want to start your space re-design with a clean deck! We start at $0.75 per square foot for deck washing. Call (231) 335-3378 to get a quote now!

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