Five Reasons to Have Us Clean Your Gutters Before Winter

You should clean your gutters twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. But why fall? Because winter is coming. To be specific, gutters need to be clean and fully functional before the first snowflake flies. It comes down to five reasons.


1. Helps Prevent Ice Dams

If melting water from snow and ice (because the underside of your roof is warm) can’t run through and down your gutters because of debris, it could get forced under your shingles and possibly into your home leading to leaks, mold, and water stains not to mention mold, mildew, and major structural issues.


 2. Avoids Damaging Your Gutters

If water can’t go anywhere, ice and snow can build up on your gutters, adding a lot of weight. This additional heft can cause your gutters to sag, tear, or even pull away from your house, creating even more issues, especially when spring brings the great thaw.


 3. Saves Your Fascia

Quick roofing lesson: the fascia is the wood that runs right behind your gutter. If your gutters aren’t functioning as they should, water can overflow, causing your fascia to rot. Have us clean your gutters to save your fascia, and therefore save yourself costly repairs.


4. Keeps Your Foundation from Cracking

If water overflows from your gutters, it can pool at your foundation and sneak into tiny crevices and cracks. As the water freezes again (because, hello freezing temps), it expands, leading to bigger cracks and possibly a big budget buster of a home repair.


 5. Pressure Washing Does a Better Job

Hand scooping is okay and will do in a pinch. But you really want your gutters as clean and free of gunk as possible. To achieve that, professional power washing is the way to go. Besides, we know you really don’t want to spend hours on a ladder getting your hands really, really dirty. And if you do, you might want to consider a career change.


Real talk: winter is no joke. It’s cold. It’s snowy. It’s icy. Your gutters need to be able to handle everything Mother Nature is going to throw at them. Call us at (231) 335-3378 and we’ll make sure they will.

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