Who’s the culprit? (Introducing our new service!)

Chances are, if you have pets or kids, keeping your carpets clean may be a battle that you begrudgingly participate in. And, no matter how much force you use, it seems the dark side always wins. Footprints. Grease. Spilled juice. Pet accidents. Over time it doesn’t just look bad–let’s face it, it smells bad, too.

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That nervous feeling…

Is some of this spring weather making you wonder if your gutters can handle spring? We hate flooding and we know you do, as well. The stress of it, the smell of it, and the CLEAN UP…forget about it.  Clogged downspouts can certainly prevent water from being routed away from your home to avoid flooding,

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An Amazing Roof Before and After!

Stressed that your roof might be on its last leg? A proper roof wash may be exactly what you need to expose the truth! Surprisingly, roofs can recover from organic growth well when it’s tackled before too much exterior damage has been done. Just check out that amazing before and after photo above! On that

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How will I know if I have mold on my siding?

In Michigan, our homes are exposed to a LOT of moisture for much of the year. If you recently traveled somewhere warm for spring break, you might be missing the sunshine (another part of the mold problem for homes in our area.) When rain and elements are combined with a lack of sun and organic

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The Weirdest Thing We Ever Found On A Roof

  Everyone knows that pressure washing can be dirty work. It’s hot, it’s muddy, and we’re working in tight spaces! 🏠 That doesn’t stop us from doing the job we came to do, and meticulously if we do say so ourselves. Even the thickest moss or the grimiest stain doesn’t phase us. That all changed

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Hit the Deck…with a soft wash!

Sure, cleaning your deck on your own is no big deal!   But what if you forget to do it for…say….two or three years? Whoops.   Now you’ve got slimy grime, mildew, and caked-on dirt and leaf matter that has turned your lovely natural wood into a muddy mess! No matter how you slice it…this

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