The Weirdest Thing We Ever Found On A Roof

  Everyone knows that pressure washing can be dirty work. It’s hot, it’s muddy, and we’re working in tight spaces! 🏠 That doesn’t stop us from doing the job we came to do, and meticulously if we do say so ourselves. Even the thickest moss or the grimiest stain doesn’t phase us. That all changed

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Hit the Deck…with a soft wash!

Sure, cleaning your deck on your own is no big deal!   But what if you forget to do it for…say….two or three years? Whoops.   Now you’ve got slimy grime, mildew, and caked-on dirt and leaf matter that has turned your lovely natural wood into a muddy mess! No matter how you slice it…this

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Avoid Rot on Your home!

CRUMBLING WOOD. HOLES. And LEAKS!   That is what our little enemy “rot” can do to your home. Luckily , it usually starts slowly, giving us a chance to retaliate. But in the winter months, when your home’s exterior has been pelted with wind, dead leaves, dirt, and snow, the organic matter and moisture can

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9 Satisfying Before and Afters from Plethora Pressure Washing

Ahhhh…nothing like a satisfying “before and after!” At Plethora Pressure Washing, we love it just as much as our customers–that’s why we’re in the business! From dingy driveways to rough roofs, we make an incredible improvement in the exterior appearance (and health!!) of your home in just a few hours. We’ve put together nine great

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Why July is the Perfect Time to Wash Your Roof

Barbecues. Fireworks. And hanging on your porch or deck! Ah, yes! July is a summer dream in Michigan. We wait for what seems like decades to enjoy the warm weather, and usually, July delivers! The days are often dry and sunny, and many folks enjoy spending as much time as they can in their own

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Four Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio

In Michigan, we LIVE on our patios in the summer. And we wait all YEAR for this golden time, baby!! But, how can we keep things looking fresh? Here are four great ideas for you!   1.  Add a heat element. Many folks have a firepit along the edge of their yard, which is always

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