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That is what our little enemy “rot” can do to your home. Luckily , it usually starts slowly, giving us a chance to retaliate. But in the winter months, when your home’s exterior has been pelted with wind, dead leaves, dirt, and snow, the organic matter and moisture can quickly layer. Over time, this grime turns into mildew and mold, and these two annoying pests just love to invite their friend “rot” to the party!

You might recognize what the beginning of mold and mildew looks like on siding–does this look like your house right now? If so, it’s time to call Plethora Pressure Washing at (231) 335-3378.  It’s very important to take care of this buildup because ignoring it leads to bigger problems, and “leads to leaks or general rot, which can ultimately cost thousands of dollars”(www.Home.com, 2021.) 

Keeping your home’s exterior has many benefits for you and your family–beyond looking great, it also removes allergens that may aggravate the people (and even the animals!) that live in your home.

Still, no matter the many benefits of cleaning your siding, nothing could be more satisfying than knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect the investment you’ve made in your house and your home’s exterior.

Before you grab the scrub brush or rent a power washing unit yourself…we’ve got to warn you!

The safest way to wash your siding is by using the soft wash method–Plethora Pressure Washing’s area of expertise. You can damage your home’s siding by washing with too much pressure, and take it from us–there’s a method to the madness. Many homeowners tell us that they accidentally made an even bigger mess trying to pressure wash–it matters where you start, how you use the tools, and what type of cleaning solutions are utilized. Done properly, our soft wash method is safe; it doesn’t harm your home or the health of your loved ones, pets, or surrounding foliage AND we leave the place cleaner than we found it. 😉

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