Are Your Gutters Ready for Spring and Summer?

It’s Time for Spring Gutter Cleaning

Spring has sprung, the temps are warming up, and summer is even around the corner! You’re probably still cleaning up your yard, and spring storms are upon us. Are your gutters clean and ready to re-route that water to your downspouts? Whether you’ve tackled the pantry and every closet in your house or haven’t dusted a single nook or cranny yet, we’re here to take one thing off of your to-do list, and that’s cleaning your gutters.


Why Clean Gutters in the Spring and Summer

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year: once in the fall before winter hits West Michigan, and again in the spring or early summer. While it’s easy to ignore gutters because you can’t see what’s going on in them, there are five specific reasons this outdoor chore should be tackled earlier in the season versus later.


  • Melting snow from early spring may have caused clogs. As the snow melted off of your roof, it carried the dirt and debris that landed on your roof with it, most likely right into your gutters. With all that gunk, it doesn’t take much for a clog to form. 
  • Avoid water damage to roofing. With spring rains, clogged gutters are more likely to overflow, potentially pushing water to your fascia (the wood right behind your gutters), decking, and rafters. And we all know wood doesn’t like water.
  • Minimizes cement pocking. If you have a cement patio, steps, or landing underneath your gutters and they’re constantly dripping due to overflow (instead of the water running out the downspout as it should), your cement could start looking like swiss cheese. Not a good look. And if left unfixed, the cement could weaken to the point of crumbling, leading to an expensive fix and dangerous situation.
  • Saves your foundation. As noted above, water can eat away at cement. If it’s constantly pouring over your gutters, it can also creep into the crevices of your foundation. Cracks that weren’t there before may form, or existing cracks may widen, leading to major, and expensive, home repairs. 
  • Limits the creepy crawlies. Dirt and debris are a haven for bugs, insects, and even small rodents. Clean gutters help keep them away, and by extension, out of the rest of your house.


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