3 Reasons to Power Wash Your Deck

Before…and after with Plethora Pressure Washing!


In Michigan, we’ve been waiting for this all year. The warmer weather is upon us, and BBQing and outside hangs have commenced. But, is your deck ready for the action? It might seem like just a good sweeping will do, but we’ve put together 3 main reasons why you should consider power-washing your deck!

1.) Clean wood is beautiful.

It looks bright, and even SMELLS better! Chances are if your deck has been hanging out for a few years, you’ve forgotten what that true natural woodgrain looks like underneath the dull gray coating of dirt, dust, pollen and leaf stains. Let’s restore your deck to it’s natural, colorful beauty!

2.) A dirty deck is a deteriorating one.

Deck boards warping, rotting, splintering and buckling is not a good look, and the dirtier and more unprotected wood is left, the higher the likelihood that it will be damaged. And, if you’re considering treating or painting your deck, you won’t want to seal in the dirt.

3.) A clean deck is a safe deck.

All those rotting and buckling boards we mentioned above are not a friend to you or your family–they invite injury! Have you ever tripped over an uneven board before? Definitely not fun! Just as hazardous is the infamous “slip and slide” of a slimy deck covered in algae. Give your bare feet a break this summer, and create a smooth and clean deck with our pressure washing services!

Our price for power washing decks is as follows: $0.75- $1.25 Per Sq. Ft.

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